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Conference Bridge

Provides a fully featured voice conferencing solution.




Conferencing is an imperative tool in modern business dealings. Ensuring your company has phone systems can handle phone conferences is key in growing your business.

Samsung OfficeServ PBX phone systems allo the option of a a fully featured voice conferencing solution, the OfficeServ Conference Bridge, enhancing the in-built ad-hoc 5 party conference capability on the OS7000 range of systems. OS Conference Bridge is compatible with the OS7200S, OS7200 and OS7400 systems. Each module will support up to 24 conference channels, either in one conference or multiple smaller conferences.

Conferences can be recorded with the on-board recording facility that has a recording capacity of 50 hours and also can record up to 6 conferences simultaneously.

Conferencing is becoming an important business tool, the ability to quickly and efficiently set up audio conferences to keep team members up to date with information can often make a big difference. The Conference Module enables OfficeServ phone system to provide this conferencing functionality and give you total control of who is using it and when, also by not using an expensive hosted dial-in service, costs are in your direct control.

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