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OfficeServ Email Gateway

Tool for users to access and manage all voice, fax and email messages from their email inbox.


OfficeServ ACD Call Centre

A sophisticated customer interaction management solution for 10 to 100 agents


OfficeServ Easyset

A PC based application that allows you to configure your OfficeServ handset


OfficeServ Operator

Complete call control solution for business operators and receptionists.


OfficeServ Softphone

Turn your computer into a full featured IP telephone.


OfficeServ Dataview

Provides statistical reports and real time monitoring on the call traffic of a Samsung


OfficeServ Manager

Make simple to advanced changes to every available feature on the OfficeServ system


OfficeServ Link

OfficeServ Link is the core of Samsung’s OfficeServ suite of CTI applications


OfficeServ CTI Server

OfficeServ CTI server comes pre-loaded with CTI applications like OfficeServ Link, Easyset, Dataview and Manager.



CTI – Linking Phone Systems and Office Communications

Link your business phone systems with your PC with thanks to Samsung’s new CTI technology. Offering email gateway, call centre capabilities, IP softphone applications and much more, your phone systems will increase your staff efficiency and productivity.

With Samsung’s OfficerServ Email Gateway you’re able to access and manage all faxes, emails and voice mail messages from your email inbox, simplifying your inbound communications.
Samsung also simplifies inbound calls with OfficeServ Operator, allowing business operators and receptionists total control and management solutions of incoming calls.

To further enhance your business phone system the Samsung OfficeServ IP Softphone system allows you to transform your PC into a fully functional IP telephone system. The Softphone is a PC-based application for professionals who are not based in the office and provides full handset and telephone functionality without the need for a physical phone.

Business communications have experienced massive improvement now that Samsung’s CTI applications are available to small businesses. Phone systems are dramatically more efficient with communications between all mediums in offices now able to cross paths.

Contact us today to find out more or visit our download centre for brochures and more information on Samsung’s OfficeServ CTI office phone systems.

For CTI interactive demonstrations click here.