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OfficeServ Dataview

Ideal for call centre environments and organisations requiring reporting, OfficeServ Dataview provides statistical reports, real time monitoring and scheduled reports on the call traffic of a Samsung OfficeServ system using a web-based user interface.

OfficeServ Dataview provides high level integration with the OfficeServ Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system, and includes detailed monitoring and reporting on Queues, Agents and Trunks, plus a comprehensive selection of data that meets most call centre requirements - Total Calls, Calls Answered, Abandoned Calls, Talk Time and Average Wait Time.

Key Features

  • Personalise Wallboards showing agent statistics and call queue statistics
  • Access 15 different live reports to monitor trunks, stations, call centre, operator and VM/AA activity
  • Access over 40 statistical reports on trunks, stations, voicemail, call centre and operator group statistics Schedule reports for daily, weekly or monthly statistics
  • Set up automatic emailing of scheduled reports to managers and supervisors
  • Access graphical views of historical and real time reports
  • Export/print reports and graphs to Excel with one click
  • Centralised storage and reporting for multiple OfficeServ systems (max. 8)

Monitor customer satisfaction levels

  • See the real time status of call centre queues and agents
  • Create personalised Wallboards showing number of calls waiting, available agents and abandoned calls
  • Apply thresholds on Wallboard fields to display alerts, e.g. an excessive amount of calls in a queue would be highlighted in red allowing supervisors to manage the volume by logging in more agents
  • Measure call centre staff performance, especially that of trainees, and maintain quality control