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OfficeServ Manager

OfficeServ Manager is the main configuration tool for Samsung OfficeServ systems and includes an administration mode and a supervisor mode.

Administration mode allows System Managers or other authorised users to configure the elements of the system that directly affect users, such as station names, passwords, ring types and a range of other parameters. The supervisor mode is used during installation and maintenance, and allows complete access to all of the system configuration details, without the need to call a service technician.

Key Features

  • Make simple, everyday changes to your OfficeServ system without the need to contact your communication systems provider
  • Allows better control and easy management of communication resources using its Administration application
  • Access the configuration database of the OfficeServ system
  • Upgrade the software located on the system’s flash memory card or make backups of the system configuration files
  • Set up different access levels to avoid unauthorised programming of sensitive areas
  • Available as a PC application or in a web based version

Streamline business operations and reduce costs

  • Make simple changes in-house, e.g. OfficeServ handset names, call forwards and speed dial
  • Control your OfficeServ system by making changes in real time
  • Remotely program, upgrade and diagnose your OfficeServ system, and eliminate the need for an engineer to visit your premise, guaranteeing you the best backup support no matter where your organisation is located.
  • For multisite organizations, administer all your systems from a central location.