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OfficeServ Operator

A receptionist is often a customer’s first point of contact in an organisation, and making a positive, professional first impression is imperative for customer satisfaction.

OfficeServ Operator is an easy to use PC-based console specifically designed for frontline staff (operators) so that they can handle high volume call traffic as smoothly as possible. OfficeServ Operator works in conjunction with the Samsung OfficeServ handset.

For businesses with multiple locations, the multisite operator when used with Samsung’s network protocol allows a centralised operator to manage calls for the enterprise. This maximises efficiency and reduces staff costs with no loss of customer service.

Key features

  • Easy to navigate graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Control calls from the desktop
  • Use either mouse or keyboard shortcuts for flexible and intuitive call control
  • Display the status of each extension on the system with the Busy Lamp Field display
  • Review extension information across the entire system, such as call forwarding set, number of unread voicemail and absence messages
  • Create and view customised BLF in groups within your organisation, e.g. Sales, Support, Accounts

Process calls faster and more efficiently

  • Determine the number of calls waiting and identify the callers at a glance
  • Use simple drag and drop mouse operations and keyboard shortcuts to speed up call processing
  • Redirect recognised calls instantly to the destination without having to answer the call

Provide professional and personalised service for callers

  • Use caller information to answer calls according to indials or caller ID
  • Transfer calls directly to a recipients voice mailbox
  • View staff availability and messages set by staff using OfficeServ Easyset