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OfficeServ CTI Server

Samsung’s OfficeServ CTI Server’s compact design provides a fast and reliable link for connecting end OfficeServ CTI applications to the Samsung OfficeServ range of communication systems.

For added convenience the OfficeServ CTI server comes pre-loaded with CTI applications like OfficeServ Link, OfficeServ Easyset, OfficeServ Dataview and OfficeServ Manager.

Having the CTI applications preloaded means you save time and any complications during the installation phase can be eliminated. With the OfficeServ CTI Server your next install is quick and trouble free, your organisation can realise the benefits of CTI immediately – either individually or across an entire network.

OfficeServ CTI Server can also act as a software repository where OfficeServ CTI applications are stored in a centralised network area and CTI applications can be easily accessed and downloaded for *immediate use.

*valid licence key, and network information is required

Key features

  • Latest OfficeServ CTI applications come pre-loaded for immediate use
  • Self hosting web server
  • Server can be remotely accessed using Window’s Remote Desktop Technology
  • Access applications, software and manuals from any networked web browser
  • Minimal configuration is required to get OfficeServ CTI applications operating
  • Standalone server prevents unnecessary or unplanned downtime caused by routine IT maintenance / updates.