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OfficeServ IP Softphone

Every time you leave the office, irrespective of distance or geographical location, you can have the comfort and functionality of your office phone right there on your PC, laptop or PDA*.

OfficeServ IP Softphone is a PC-based application for mobile professionals and telecommuters that provides full handset and telephony functionality at the click of a button without the need for a physical phone. Softphone users can log in from home, interstate or overseas across a broadband connection and simulate their office environment with full telephony functionality.

Key Features

  • Utilise entire OfficeServ handset telephony functionality with access to direct indial calls, internal calls, voicemail, personal and system directories
  • Use point and click operation
  • Operate with a headset/USB phone
  • Application window has 3 views to allow users to minimise desktop clutter.
  • Access the video^ facility included as standard (NB webcam required)

Work smarter and increase productivity

  • Access enterprise communications remotely
  • Display up to 99 buttons with an add on module feature, sufficient for programming busy lamp fields, feature access or speed dial keys
  • Create a better connected, more integrated mobile workforce
  • Avoid the expensive costs associated with hotel communications and mobile charges, especially when travelling overseas

* PDA versions is only compatible on Windows Mobile Operating Systems
^ For OfficeServ Softphone video operation across the public internet, a VPN or equivalent is required.