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Samsung Brochures
description type
OfficeServ 7200 Sales Brochure
OfficeServ 7000 Series Brochure
DS 5000 Series Sales Brochure
Samsung OfficeServ 7030
Samsung Digital Handsets
OfficeServ Messaging Solutions
OfficeServ ACD Call Centre
Samsung Mobex Flyer
Samsung OfficeServ Conference Bridge
Samsung iES4000 Series Ethernet Switches
Samsung CTI Applications
Samsung Xchange Brochure (Copy)
Samsung CTI Server brochure
Samsung OfficeServ Call Recording Brochure
Samsung Xchange Brochure
Samsung Call Contact Centre


OfficeServ User Guides
description type
Samsung OfficeServ System Administration Guide
SMT-i5243 User Guide
SMT-i5230 User Guide
SMT-i5220 User Guide
SMT-i5210 User Guide
SMT-i3105 User Guide
SMT-i5100 User Guide
Office 7B, Navigator 14B and Navigator 21B IP Handset User Guide
Office 7B, Office 14B and Office 38B Digital Handset Quick Reference Guide
Navigator 14B and Navigator 21B Digital Handset Quick Reference Guide
Director 12B Quick Reference Guide
Director 12B (ITP 5112L) User Guide


DX User Guides
description type
DX Handset User Guide
DX System Administration Guide


DCS User Guides
description type
DCS Handset User Guide
DCS System Administration Guide


IDCS User Guides
description type
iDCS Handset User Guide
DECT 8000 User Guide
iDCS System Administration Guide


Messaging User Guides
description type
Auto Attendant User Guide
SVMi-E Series Quick Reference Guide
SVMi-E Series User Guide
SVMi-E Series System Administration Guide
SVMi-4 & SVM-400 Quick Reference Guide
SVMi-4 & SVM-400 User Guide
SVMi-4 & SVM-400 Administration Guide
SVMi-8 Administration Guide
SVMi-8 Quick Reference Guide
SVMi-8 User Guide
SVM-800 Quick Reference Guide
Cadence User Guide


description type
Samsung Communications Standard Product Warranty
Samsung Communications Extended Product Warranty
Samsung Communications Software Licence Agreement Warranty