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iES4000 Series Ethernet Switches

The Samsung Ubigate iES4000 series of ethernet switches provide a cost effective foundation for all your business applications. Designed specifically for small to medium businesses, Samsung Ubigate iES4000 series ethernet switches can be easily integrated with Samsung OfficeServ telephony systems.

Featuring up to 24 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports for iES4028FP and iES4028F models, and 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet ports for iES4024GP and four Gigabit ports in a one-rack unit chassis, the layer 2-managed family offers a high performance to price ratio. Plus, Power over Ethernet (PoE) is available with iES4028FP and iES4024GP models, adding to the cost-effectiveness of the solution.

The PoE feature removes the need for AC power adapters to each PoE enabled end-point and eliminates the cost of additional electrical cabling typically required with IP phone and wireless LAN deployments. It also eliminates the need for power injectors and PoE mid-spans for powering IP devices.

Since up to 36 switches can be clustered and managed from a single IP address, system capabilities can be easily extended to meet the needs of growing companies. Additionally, multilink trunking allows bundling of multiple ports, providing higher bandwidth and redundancy.

Combined with other Samsung OfficeServ telephony systems, the new Ubigate iES4000 Series Ethernet Switches provides a cost-effective, single-vendor networking and communications solution.

The new family of Ubigate™ iES4000 Series Ethernet Switches is a secure, high-performance network management solution that addresses the ever-present need for organisations to reduce the total cost of ownership of its communications equipment.