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Auto Attendant

Incoming calls are never kept waiting to be answered


Email Gateway

The ultimate tool to access and manage all telephone, fax and email messages directly from the inbox


Remote Fax Retrieval

Provides advanced fax messaging features



Fully synchronised unified messaging along with powerful Text to Speech (TTS) capability.


Samsung Voicemail

Puts the user in control by allowing voice messages to be left when staff are busy or out of the office



Messaging Solutions

Samsung’s range of messaging solutions are designed to simplify and strengthen your communications, providing outstanding features to complement the powerful call processing capabilities of the Samsung business phone system

Samsung’s OfficeServ Messaging solutions ensure your customer calls are always answered professionally with features such as personalised Voicemail, Auto Attendant, comfort messages for Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and incoming queues, email delivery of voicemail messages, remote fax retrieval or the option of a fully synchronised unified messaging system. For staff who maybe on the move, either away from their desk, within the office or out of the office, Samsung’s
Messaging solutions allows your staff to be away from their desks – but not out of reach.

OfficeServ Messaging solutions can also help your business reduce the number of missed or abandoned calls, increasing efficiency and improving the level of customer service your business provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Samsung’s messaging solutions offer the ability to control how voicemails, emails and fax messages are created, sent, received, tracked, synchronised and archived all from one central location.

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