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Samsung Voicemail

SAMSUNG Voicemail offers advanced call facilities and puts the user in control by allowing voice messages to be left when staff are busy or out of the office. Users can record their own personal greetings (busy, no answer, out of office, on holidays)

Samung Voicemail-With the aid of either voice instructions or the screen prompts on the OfficeServ handset LCD screen, all employees can easily navigate Samsung voicemail. Samsung Voicemail allows users to reap the benefits of streamlined office messaging the first time they pick up the phone. Users are alerted to messages via a message waiting lamp or the LCD screen of their OfficeServ handset.

Samsung Voicemail goes one step further, allowing users to intelligently route callers with different greetings and employing call routing based on time of day, day of week, caller ID and DDI. 

As well as standard Voicemail functionality at the touch of a button, users can access a host of other features:

  • create and send messages to a group (sales, support group)
  • record important conversations and even personal reminders
  • remotely access voice messages
  • change automatic greeting based on time and date
  • forward messages direct to mailbox
  • screen calls through answer machine emulation