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OfficeServ Communicator

Samsung Unified Communications allows your staff to better connect, communicate and collaborate with each other, customers and suppliers.

OfficeServ Communicator is an integrated communications application able to bring together voice, video and instant messaging communications. It also adds administration functions to personalise your handset, and high-end functionality scalable to your business. Get access to big system functions at a price to match your business size.

OfficeServ Communicator provides benefits including the ability to dial direct from your Microsoft Outlook contacts list, to see a list of who has called you, who you have called, any missed calls and simple redial on any of the numbers. OfficeServ Communicator provides these functions and many more, with the simple to install software it makes it even easier for you to get these features on to your individual PC.

Video communications are rapidly becoming as important as voice. With the OfficeServ Communicator, making a video call is as simple as making a voice call. If you have a simple web cam attached to your PC, OfficeServ communicator will make a call to a similarly equipped remote worker and the video call is automatically set up. There is even the option to extend this to a simple video conference, just call the other people you want to join and they are added to your call. If they don’t have video capability they can still join. Saving you writing up the minutes, the simple recording feature allows you to recall what has been discussed at the meeting. All you have to do is press the record button, the voice and video is then saved to your PC.

Clear benefits

  • Integrates with new IP terminals so that no server is required for entry level module.
  • Licensed on a per user basis with no initial server license required making it scalable down to the smaller user.
  • Simple add hoc call recording to local PC
  • Simple add hoc video recording to local PC
  • Presence and presence management
  • White boarding
  • Application sharing
  • Screen popping of contact information
  • Screen popping of MS Outlook contact list
  • Click to dial from own application or MS Outlook
  • Configuration tool for handset, features, ringtones, pictures, phonebook
  • Dual mode – Standalone SoftPhone or used in conjunction with a handset.

By utilising a modular application structure the OfficeServ Communicator can easily be enhanced to include full Instant Messaging and Presence. This is now an essential tool for businesses that use remote workers or are even located in a large premises. This will save you wasting time trying to call people who are not at their desks or who do not wish to be disturbed if they are working on a priority project.

Simple clear icons show the status of members and phones. If you need to communicate with another user but a phone call is too intrusive and an e-mail might get ignored, Instant Messaging (IM) is often the preferred communication medium. With OfficeServ Communicator this function is fully integrated and opens up further communication channels. An IM communication can be escalated to a voice and video communication with application sharing and white boarding and all details can be recorded and played back later.