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OfficeServ Communicator

Integrate voice, video and instant messaging into one platform.


Samsung Xchange

The computer telephony integration (CTI) application with a difference.


OfficeServ Ip Applications

Designed to make communications simple and effective for any user type within your business.



Business Phone Systems and Unified Communications

Samsung has created a way for all employees to stay in touch with enhanced connectivity. Unified communication solutions available on Samsung office phone system can make your business much more efficient.

Key features of Samsung’s Unified Communications are the OfficeServ Communicator which integrates voice, video and instant messaging into the one platform and simplifies your call registry by linking with your Microsoft Outlook contacts list.

Samsung Xchange connects your telephone to your office computer, making you more productive. When a call is received by your telephone, the caller’s telephone number (CLI) is displayed on your screen in a small, discreet, notification window. Samsung Xchange also connects to your company’s CRM database/application and looks up the name of the caller in the database for you and displays it.

Using OfficeServ Unified Communications and office phone systems, Samsung allows your employees, colleagues, external suppliers and clients to stay connected and conduct business with convenience and reliability, so install your new unified communications business phone system today.

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